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Apostolic Doctrine

The Apostles were the only witnesses of all that Jesus taught and did authorized by God.  Everyone else who preaches or teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ, MUST preach the same Gospel and the same doctrine as the Apostles.  Everyone one who teaches contrary to the Apostles is in error and are to repent to the acknowledgement of the Truth.

What the Apostles Preached and Taught Concerning Jesus

God made the crucified Jesus Lord and Christ.

God raised Jesus from the dead and gave Him Eternal Life.

Jesus is a MAN, the Mediator between God and Man.

God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit.

God appointed Jesus to be the Judge of the living and dead.

Believers should pray and give thanks to God, in Jesus name.

There is only one God, the Father of Jesus Christ.

God made Jesus Lord and Christ.

We MUST be baptized in Jesus name.

Jesus will return to earth and raise all true believers from the dead, immortal and incorruptible.

What the Apostles NEVER Preached nor Taught Concerning Jesus

Jesus was God or a god.  

Jesus raised Himself from the dead.

Jesus anointed Himself.

Jesus is the Holy Spirit.

We should be baptized in the Trinity formula, Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Believers should pray to Jesus.

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