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Burundi Congo Kenya Tanzania Uganda

Burundi  –  In the interior regions of East Africa, in this small country Bishops Odhiambo, Nkunda, and Bossa John have ventured to establish churches, baptizing hundreds of brethren in the name of Jesus Christ.

Tanzania –  Bishop Keal of  Dar es Salaam has established numerous churches, reaching into the depths of that region to establish the people in the Apostles’ Doctrine.

The Congo –  Bishops Bossa John and Jean Pierre Nkunda have ventured into the regions of the Congo, preaching the Gospel and establishing the brethren in the Apostolic Faith.


Kenya – Bishops Obadiah Kimanzi, Samson Nduku, Moses Odiambo have been laboring in Kenya, preaching, teaching and baptizing believers, and establishing churches.

Uganda – Bishops Ibrahim Lubega, Peter Eroni, and Bossa John besides the work of Evangelism, have established orphanages and held numerous conferences.


Rwanda – A survivor of the Rwandan Genecide, Bishop Jean Pierre Nkunda is a faithful

Witness to the goodness and mercies of God, spreading the Gospel to Rwanda and beyond.

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