Apostolic Ambassadors World Wide Ministries “That the World may know the Father sent the Son”


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Apostolic Ambassadors World Wide Ministries “That the World may know the Father sent the Son”


AAWWM Network – Nyanza Kenya Region

Overseer Bishop Gideon M. M. Mambo

And the Churches in Ogembo, Kenya

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The Ministry of AAWWM – Nyana Region

The AAWWM - Nayana Region is a beautiful Ministry that has nearly 40 churches that preach and teach the Apostles’ Doctrine, “Jesus Christ is the Son of God,” baptizing converts in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, receiving the Holy Spirit as Acts 2nd Chapter and living godly lives.

These dear brethren labor with the disadvantaged, while operating an orphanage for displaced children.  The labor of love of Nayana Fellowship is worthy of all prayer and support.

Project – To build an orphanage and child care center

The region of Nyanza and neighboring Rift Valley provinces have rampant cases of child sexual abuse  and child sex  tourism, street families,  forced  early  marriages by relatives and family  members.  Following  the 2007 election upheavel and the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in the region, which has affected so very many  families socially, there  is a desparate need to  provide facilities to meet the basic needs and rehabilitation costs for children and disadvantaged families. The home will have as its chief aim to provide for the children and protect the children’s rights and freedom

as they grow under the admonition of the Lord and the care of dedicated child-care workers.

In July of 2014, my friend Pastor Gideon M. M. Gideon joined me in Kakamega, where after a beautiful conference emphasizing the Apostolic Doctrine, Pastor Mambo, Pastor Andrew, Pastor Richard, Pastor John, and several others received the baptism in Jesus name.   These dear brethren now enthusiastically preach that Doctrine by the Grace of God, converting many souls to the Truth of the Son of God.